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Just‎ a‎ little‎ note‎ about‎ Tyra ... born and partially raised on Chicago’s south side where she began writing short stories and poems. Through her fascination of words and all things made up, she was able to make connections with her peers and eventually, her knack for creative writing

gained her great admiration and respect. Tyra has spent the past 18 years serving as a teacher and program director for various high schools, colleges and universities. She enjoys traveling to tropical climates and dreams of one day moving to the island of Curacao to write, teach and lay on the beach all day.



Hello Beautiful Readers of The Soultown!

This month’s issue is full of interesting people, places, and things.

Yes, April is National Poetry Month! Rogette keeps it real by discussing the most Phenomenal Woman and poet of all time, Maya Angelou, and The Soultown’s Griot, Dr. Pierre Mvuyekure shares a poem written for Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who sung, “A Curse For A Nation” to denounce America’s sanctioning of slavery while preaching freedom.

Our Fine as Wine couple, John and Daniela, discuss all you need to know about tannin and acidity when wine tasting, while Dr. Rainey, the Faith Enthusiast embraces the season of spring. Dear Gabby and Big Q enlighten us on the cure for the ills in modern-day relationships and we Leave It Up To Steve to share his candid advice on a variety of topics.

Want to add the most delicious recipe to your menu? Chef Derrek is giving up the goods for the best Classic Macaroni & Cheese. Lastly, Our Innovative Extraordinaire, Chillin’, is participating in a 2-day Teen Tech Explosion and recognizing a member of the Community Bank & Trust staff.

It’s going to be an amazing April. I am Tyra Nelson-Reck, Guest Editor-in-Chief for The Soultown Digi & Print Mag., and I’m here to remind you: Never underestimate the power of words! And hey … I want to thank you for having SOUL!